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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp - AP University College

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London, Dundee, Strasbourg and New York - ARS International

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December 30, 2014

8th Dissection Drawing Days - 22 and 23 May 2015 - UGhent and UAntwerp

Dear all,

we're happy to announce that the next BIOMAB Dissection Drawing Days will be organised 22 and 23 May 2015.

Registration is 60 euro for 2 days (40 euro for students with valid student pass). 
- Three nights of accomodation are included in this registration fee!
- If you are a BIOMAB 2015 member, you can register FREE of charge!

For more information and to register:[at]

We'll book accomodation for Thursday night 21 May 2015 and Friday night 22 May 2015 in Ghent and Saturday night 23 May 2015 in Antwerp. To make the most of this 2-days workshop we suggest you to arrive on Thursday 21 May (or earlier) and leave on Sunday 24 May (or later).

Accomodation in Ghent
Hostel Uppelink | Sint-Michielsplein 21 | 9000 Gent | +32 (0) 9 279 44 77 |

Accomodation in Antwerp
HI Pulcinella
Bogaardeplein 1
2000 Antwerpen
Telefoon: +32 (0)3 234 03 14
Fax: +32 (0)3 234 10 67

Details workshop
Specialists in animal and human anatomy will dissect and explain in close detail an upper and lower arm (deep frozen and thawed), an upper and lower leg (deep frozen and thawed), a full brain, a heart with its coronary vessels and two lungs with their network of bronchi,…There will be many moments to ask questions, to draw, to paint, to dissect and to reflect and communicate on the enormously beautiful but also very fragile human body.

There are not really any easels available, as it is a dissection room, but there are some tables, and some angle poised lights, and it is pretty bright in there in general. You can bring sketchbooks, large paper, small paper, watercolors, ink, pencils , whichever you prefer to work with. Some people work in biro or felt tip pen and have some beautiful results, so it's entirely up to you. The idea is to make some quick sketches at first , and get used to the atmosphere, we have a whole day there, firstly most people just look while the medical students and anatomists dissect, and then once the dissection has been brought to a point where people would like to sit down and draw, it is then placed on a stand so people can make more detailed drawings.

Picture @ Antwerp

Pictures @ Ghent

We'll have a welcome reception on Thursday 21 May 2015 at the Hostel Uppelink in Ghent. Starts at 19h00. Please contact us if you like to attend this meeting free of charge.

The Event Hostel in Ghent is the Hostel Uppelink. It's in the city centre with lots of possibilities for going out in the evening and public transportation to go to the University Campus in Ghent.

The Event Hostel in Antwerp is the Antwerp Central Hostel (Pulcinella). It's in the city centre with lots of possibilities for going out in the evening and public transportation to go to the University Campus in Antwerp.

Dinner on Friday 22 May 2015 is planned in Restaurant Gök2, Sleepstraat 65, Ghent. Starts at 19h45. Please contact us if you like to attend this dinner. Afterwards we'll go for a drink in the historic centre of Ghent.

We'll travel by coach to Antwerp on Saturday morning 23 May 2015 (Alternative: train from Ghent Sint-Pieters Station to Antwerp Central Station on Saturday morning 23 May 2015 at 08h30, take bus 17 at 09h44 to the University Campus - and walk 5 min) were we'll arrive at 10h15 in the Dissection Room.

Dinner on Saturday 23 May 2015 is planned in ristorante/pizzeria Da Giovanni, Jan Blomstraat 4, 2000 Antwerpen (in a pedestrian street between the Groenplaats and the cathedral) at 20h00 . Please contact us if you like to attend this dinner. Afterwards we 'll have had a reviewing of the art work made during the two days we'll go for a drink in the historic centre of Antwerp.

Costs (prepaid - BIOMAB account: IBAN: BE88 0016 1775 0741 - BIC: GEBABEBB - or in cash 22 and/or 23 May 2015 in the Anatomical Theatres)
° Dissection only: 30,00 euro pp/day (students 20,00 euro) (all day use of the Anatomical Theatres in Ghent and Antwerp - lectures by dedicated and experienced staff members - sandwich lunches included).
° Dissection + 3-nights-accomodation (shared bedroom - twin or bunk beds - breakfast included): 60,00 euro (students 50,00 euro)
°BIOMAB membership: 60,00 euro (students 40,00 euro)

Extra costs (to be paid in the restaurant)
° 2 dinners: approximately 20,00 euro pp per dinner - drinks not included

Practical data and location
- Friday, May 22, 2015- Time: 10:00 am – 05:00 pm
Location: Universiteit Gent - Ghent University, Department of Morphology
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Salisburylaan 133, Merelbeke. Route Description

- Saturday, May 23, 2015 - Time: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm
Location: Universiteit Antwerpen – Antwerp University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Campus Drie Eiken, Building TA, Dissection Room, Universiteitsplein 1, Wilrijk (Antwerp). Route Description

We wish all attendants very promising and inspiring Dissecting and Drawing Days and a lovely stay in Ghent and Antwerp!

Pascale Pollier, president BIOMAB
Francis Van Glabbeek, vice-president BIOMAB
Chantal Pollier, secretary BIOMAB
Ann Van de Velde, treasurer BIOMAB


open to all BIOMAB members
Saturday 23 May, 2015 at 20h30 in Da Giovanni

1. Word from the President (Pascale Pollier)
2. Report last General Assembly Meeting in Zakynthos (Chantal Pollier)
3. Agenda previous year 2014 (Pascale Pollier)
4. Agenda 2015 (Pascale Pollier)
4.1. 8th Dissection Drawing Days
4.2. Fabrica Vitae Traveling Exhibition
5. Financial report previous year 2014 and budget 2015 (Ann Van de Velde)
6. Election of new Board members (Chantal Pollier)
7. Statutory changes in 2015 (Pascale Pollier)
7.1. New name: 'Art Researches Science International Collaborations'. In short: A.R.S.I.C. 
7.2. The administrative address will change from Kapellen (Antwerp) to Ghent. 
7.3. Accountant
7.4. Insurance
8. Miscellaneous


International Organisers - ART RESEARCHES SCIENCE

VAN GLABBEEK Francis (BE) - BIOMAB; University of Antwerp - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
[CRAS Patrick (BE) - University of Antwerp - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences]
[VAN SCHIL Paul (BE) - University of Antwerp - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences]
POLLIER Pascale (BE) - President BIOMAB
VAN DE VELDE Ann (BE) - BIOMAB; University of Antwerp - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
FREUND Yvan (FR) - Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg
CROOK Eleanor (UK) - London, Royal College of Art and University of the Arts MA Art & Science course
CAMERON Jo (UK) - Medical Artists' Education Trust
WILKINSON Caroline (UK) - University of Dundee, MSc Program in Forensic Art
HÜBNER Caroline (BE)  - BIOMAB member

Local Organisers in Ghent
DOOM Marjan (BE)
POLLIER Chantal (BE)

Local Organisers in Antwerp

Last year attendants:

1.       ALLEN Rachael  (UK)
2.       BEAUPREZ Jadran (BE)
3.       BECKERS Kristine (BE)
4.       BERLAND Leslie (FR)
5.       BEUKELEIRS Elke (BE)
6.       BRAEM Elisa (BE)
7.       BRUGMANS Frida (BE)
8.       CHICOTEAU Tom (FR)
9.       CLAUS Ines (BE)
10.   CORRA Fran(cesca) (UK)
11.   CROOK Eleanor (UK)
12.    CUERQ Colin (Fr)
13.   DAENENS Hedwige (BE)
14.   DE CONINCK Tracy (BE)
15.   DE MEYERE Seppe (BE)
16.   DEJONCKHEERE Dorothea (BE)
17.   DEPREEW Lynn (BE)
18.   DHONT Mendez (BE)
19.   DOOM Marjan (BE)
20.   FREUND Yvan (FR)
21.   GIBBS Amelia (UK)
22.   GIELIS Jan (BE)
23.   HUBNER Caroline (BE)
24.   JAILLARD Cécile (FR)
25.   KUDCHADKAR Neha (India)
26.   LANDERLOOS Liliane (BE)
27.   LAUWERS Jaïro (BE)
28.   LEANDER Ronald (BE)
29.   LINGFORD Abigail (UK)
30.   MCDOUGALL Emily (UK)
31.   MACROBBIE Catherine (UK)
32.   MAHIEU Lisa (BE)
33.   MAUGER Camille (FR)
34.   MONNEY Caitlin (UK)
35.   MUNDY Daniel (UK)
36.   PEACOCK Adam (UK)
37.   POLLIER Pascale (BE)
38.   POLLIER Chantal (BE)
39.   PONS-TEXEIRA Inès (FR)
40.   RHEE Eunho (UK)
41.   ROELANTS Jeroen (BE)
43.   RUTHERFORD Natasha (UK)
44.   SPACHER Madeline (FR)
45.   SZU-YING CHEN  Jasmine (UK)
46.   TEMPLE-COX Lisa (UK)
47.   VAN DE VELDE Ann (BE)
48.   VAN EECKHOUT Geert (BE)
49.   VAN GLABBEEK Francis (BE)
50.   VAN OSTADE Dirk (BE)
51.   VAN PELLICOM Lauren (BE)
52.   VAN RAFELGHEM Babette BE)
53.   VAN STAPPEN Lieve (BE)
55.   VERPOEST Christel (BE)
56.   WALTHER Béryl (FR)
57.   WILLIAMS Jon (UK)