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September 29, 2009


La poética de los sistemas complejos

"Caótica" es un proyecto de investigación y creación multidisciplinar en torno a los sistemas complejos y sus repercusiones en la tecnología, el pensamiento y la expresión artística.
Propone una herramienta lúdica para la generación de nuevas aproximaciones al conocimiento y a la producción artística utilizando uno de los recursos más increíbles que ha puesto la naturaleza a nuestra disposición: la poética de los sistemas complejos.
Organizado por mad [Moviment d'Alliberament Digital] en Barcelona.

September 17, 2009

IAA 24th Annual Conference

November 12-15 2009, Paris, France

International Anaplastology Association

The 24th Annual IAA Conference
November 12-15, 2009, Paris, France

Location: Espace Saint-Martin Centre de Congres, 199 bis, rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris, France

September 7, 2009

Medical Illustration Source Book

Reservation Deadline Sept. 28
We are now accepting reservations for the 23rd edition of the Medical Illustration Source Book.

This is our most comprehensive web + print package ever. We are very excited to include:

Through 23 years of research and networking we have built a highly targeted list that is unparalleled in the medical and scientific art world. In addition, our annual reader survey shows that each Source Book recipient shares their copy with 3-4 other art directors.

We now include selected print distribution to the top agencies with medical accounts in Canada and Europe PLUS regular E-blasts that promote to a wider audience of qualified medical art buyers in the U.S. and abroad.

Upload your portfolio images or animations as soon as you make your reservation. Your marketing dollars start working for you right away and your on-line term lasts up to 2 years (through September 1, 2011). Thousands of qualified art buyers from all over the world visit our website every month.

Source Book No.23 advertisers get password-protected access to real-time traffic statistics on your portfolio.
"I have been told by numerous clients that this is the "go to" site for medical art, because they can find what they want quickly. I have been a Source Book contributor for many years and am pleased with the new pharmaceutical clients I have been able to reach. The online portfolio service has been a big bonus."
Laurie O'Keefe, Medical/Biological Illustrations
Source Book advertiser since 2000

Other components of our program include free personal website design, 500 high-quality reprints, and mailing list discounts from Agency Access.

Many preeminent medical and scientific artists have built their careers with the help of the Source Book and they continue to advertise with us today. Why do they come back year after year? Because the program continues to work for them, and has evolved to meet their growing marketing needs.

Don't miss the opportunity to be included in our 23rd edition. September 28 is our reservation deadline but artwork is not due until February 8 (giving you plenty of time to design your ad). A $225 good-faith deposit allows you to begin uploading images to right away.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions. And dont forget to ask me about our new 7-payment option to help you budget for your ad.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All my best,

Beth Pierson
Marketing Associate
Toll-free (800) 876-6425, ext. 228 (e-mail:

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813 Reddick Street Santa Barbara CA 93101 805-963-0439