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March 24, 2012

PHARMACOPOEIA the art of popping pills - 3th Medical Art Meeting and Exhibition GDA2012


September 13th - 15th, 2012

3th Medical Art Meeting and Exhibition, Antwerp Medical Days 2012
the art of popping pills

Organized by the Art Researches Science (ARS) program, the Biological and Medical Art in Belgium group (BIOMAB) and the European Medical Students' Association (EMSA) of Antwerp, this meeting offers a meaningful exchange among scientists, artists, and medical artists teaching Art and Science to a new generation of students, encouraging open discussions between scientists and artists and the opportunity for a real dialogue about experiences and visions central to their work.

Open for applications until September 1th, 2012

"Uncovering the secrets of the apothecary’s ancient book, the Pharmacopoeia and discovering transformative elixirs we never believed could exist."
Art work by Anneke Blennerhassett, 2011

University of Antwerp, Campus Drie Eiken
Universiteitsplein 1 - 2610 Antwerpen (Wilrijk)
Building Q (Aula Building), Room V2 (Parking P3 and P4)
Public transport: Bus 17, 21, 25, 31, 130, 135, 140 and 141
Bus 17 from Antwerp Central Station; Bus 31 from Antwerp-Berchem Station

Opening: Thursday 13 September 2012 at 20h00
Presentations: Friday 14 and Saturday 15 September 2012 from 09h00 to 17h00
We are pleased that this meeting and exhibition organized by the Art Researches Science - ARS program, the Biological and Medical Art in Belgium group (BIOMAB) and the European Medical Students' Association (EMSA) of Antwerp is convened for the third time during the Antwerp Medical Days at the University of Antwerp, bringing together representatives from a wide variety of disciplines.

The topic for the Antwerp Medical Days 2012 is ‘Farmacology: Doctor, why are we popping pills.’

The art work represented in the Q building, room V2 on the UA Campus Drie Eiken ‘PHARMACOPOEIA the art of popping pills’ is research based, observing and inspired by the human body in all its diversity; life and nature in all its beauty, strength, fragility, disease, mortality and death.

This scientific meeting and medical art exhibition offers a platform for future networks, workshops and co-productions between young artists, medical artists and scientists. It will also act as an opportunity for regional and local initiatives to be reinforced through trans-continental forum of ideas.

We wish all participants an exciting time in Antwerp and hope that these three Medical Days will be productive and successful for the arts and the sciences.

Pascale Pollier-Green, biomedical artist and president BIOMAB vzw
Claartje Macken, president Antwerp Medical Students’ Congress AMSC 2012
Ann Van de Velde, hematologist, BIOMAB vzw
Francis Van Glabbeek, orthopedic surgeon, BIOMAB vzw
Website: BIOMAB
Artists & Works (in Progress)


March 4, 2012

5th ARS Dissection Drawing Session IMPRESSIONS

2 – 3 March 2012, Antwerp, Belgium

Photo 1: 2 March 2012, 19h00: Pre-meeting with the international ART RESEARCHES SCIENCE group in the Pulcinella Youth Hostel

Photo 2: 3 March 2012, 9h15: Waiting for the tram near the Old St. Elisabeth Hospital

Photo 3: On the tram to the UA Groenenborger Campus

Photo 4: Prof. Cras explains with great passion the functional anatomy of the human brain

Photo 5: Prof. Van Schil arrives to explain the complicated anatomy of the lungs and the heart

Photo 6: Drawing the lungs and the heart and reflecting on how sophisticated their anatomy and functions are

Photo 7: Drawing the arm, dissected by prof. Van Glabbeek, learning about its multiple layered beauty of muscles and tendons

Photo 8: Drawing the heart with its thick muscle wall, intriguing chambers and coronary arteries

Photo 9: Jan Gielis and Oleg Rudenko, both medical students, explain thoroughly the anatomy of the leg

Photo 10: Drawing with great concentration the dissected arm and leg: unexpected bright colours in our body is a finding by all attendants

Photo 11: Overview of the art work made today by the international students and discussing future ART RESEARCHES SCIENCE projects in Antwerp, London, Strasbourg, Dundee and New York

Photo 12: Philosophical reflections in the historical center of Antwerp on two inspiring and unforgettable educational days on Human Anatomy and its fragile beauty

Photographs by Ann Van de Velde, BIOMAB vzw


Impressions by attendants

"I just wanted to thank you for organising another wonderful weekend of dissection drawing in Antwerp. It was my second visit and I've taken so much inspiration away with me, I almost don't know where to start! I'm currently in my final year at the Royal College of Art in London and I'm sure that the experience will emerge somehow in my final show in June. I really appreciate the time and effort you put in to arranging our accomodation, meals, transport and the drawing marathon itself."
- Jane Hunt (UK), 21/03/2012