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February 7, 2010

Human Dissection, II

For Students in Art and Medicine
Dissection of an arm and a leg, fresh frozen
Dissection of the brain

- University of Antwerp - 06 February 2010

These images are for educational purposes only.
No reproduction is allowed without contacting the authors of this website Pascale Pollier-Green, Ann Van de Velde and Francis Van Glabbeek.

ATTENDANTS (with permission):

• Miguel Hidalgo – Beeldhouwkunst ARTESIS
• Anke De Potter – Vrije Grafiek ARTESIS (MA2)
• Anneke Blennerhasset – Vrije Grafiek ARTESIS (BA3)
• Saori Kuno - InSitu3 ARTESIS (BA2)
• Oleg Rudenko – Geneeskunde UA (BA3)
• Jan Gielis – Geneeskunde UA (MA2)
• Pierre Renaux - Mode ARTESIS
• Amélie Schellekens- Schilderkunst ARTESIS (BA1)
• Demi Vanoystaeyen - ARTESIS (BA1)
• Chiaki Kato – Beeldhouwkunst ARTESIS (BA1)
• Stef Van Langendonck – Geneeskunde UA (MA)
• Hannelore Raemen – Geneeskunde UA (ASO Urgentiegeneeskunde)
• Eline Hoedemaekers – Farmacie UA (BA3)
• Francis van Glabbeek – lesgever Anatomie UA (Orthop. Heelkunde)
• David Malan – Prosector UA
• Ann Van de Velde – Hematoloog UA
• Pascale Pollier-Green – Medisch Kunstenaar
• Geert Van Eeckhout - Lesgever Anatomie ARTESIS
• Kris van 't Hof – Lesgever InSitu3 ARTESIS

How to reach the Dissection Room at the UA, Campus Groenenborger: Click here

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