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University of Antwerp, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp / School of Arts - AP University College
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Ghent / School of Arts - University College Ghent
Haute école des arts du Rhin - HEAR, Didactique visuelle (F)
University of the Arts London - UAL (UK)
Medical Artists' Education Trust - MAET (UK)
University of Dundee, Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (UK)

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November 8, 2012

BIOMAB Program 2012-2015

"Biological and Medical Art in Belgium - BIOMAB vzw pleit met klem voor vrije geesten, scheppingsdrang die voortvloeit uit een kritisch instinct en een houding die zich vaak afzet tegen wat onwrikbaar lijkt." (NL)

"Biological and Medical Art in Belgium - BIOMAB association urges that free spirits, creative impulse resulting from a critical instinct and an attitude that often opposes what seems unshakable." (E)

Independent, non-profitable and non-governmental Belgian association that offers an interdisciplinary and international program for artists, scholars, and scientists, founded in 2010 by Pascale Pollier-Green (Medical Artist), Ann Van de Velde (Hematologist) and Francis Van Glabbeek (Anatomist & Orthopedic Surgeon)
Courses, Workshops and Art Exhibitions
  • Annual Dissection Class (March)
  • Medical Art Meeting and Exhibition, Antwerp Medical Days (September)
  • ART RESEARCHES SCIENCE (ARS) - International Collaboration
    Partners: University of Antwerp, Faculty of Medicine; Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen - Royal Academy of Fine Arts; Karel de Grote Hogeschool Antwerpen - Sint Lucas Antwerpen; London, Dundee, Strasbourg and New York
  • Quincentenary Andreas Vesalius (1514 - 1564) - Greece (and abroad)
In May 2014, under the auspices of the municipality of Zakynthos and together with the Embassy of Belgium in Athens, BIOMAB will coordinate events commemorating the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andreas Vesalius in Brussels. The Flemish physician, the father of modern human anatomy, died on Zakynthos, Greece, in 1564.
- 'Vesalii Continuum': International Symposium on Art and Science
- 'Fabricae Vitae': international (traveling) exhibition on contemporary Medical Art
More information:
  • Quincentenary Andreas Vesalius (1514 - 1564) - Antwerp, Belgium
'The Art of Vesalius' - Colloquia and Medical Art Exhibition in Antwerp, May 2014 - April 2015
Contact information
Biological and Medical Art in Belgium - BIOMAB vzw
University of Antwerp
UZA Hematology - Wilrijkstraat 10
2650 Edegem (Antwerp)
Contact: Ann Van de Velde; Pascale Pollier-Green
Tel: 0032474528852; 004447847367549

November 6, 2012


30 November 2012, Antwerp, Belgium

École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (F)

proposed by Olivier Poncer and Yvan Freund (Strasbourg)
  1. Présentation et étude des convergences des projets de recherche respectifs. Envisager les modalités de partage, les modes de rapprochement éventuel.
  2. Préparation de la journée d'étude que les collègues souhaiterions organiser à Strasbourg autour de la question de la dissection, dans le prolongement des deux workshops « Marathon de la dissection » que BIOMAB a organisé et auxquels BIOMAB a invités les étudiants de Strasbourg.
  3. Étude du projet de publication d'un catalogue/publication autour de ces expériences et de cette question.
Delegates (only faculty members ARS and invited speakers)
  • Pascale Pollier, Biomedical Artist, President BIOMAB
  • Ann Van de Velde, Hematologist UA, Board member BIOMAB
  • Olivier Poncer, Head Didactique Visuelle, École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg
  • Yvan Freund, Didactique Visuelle, École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg
  • Jan Gielis, PhD student, Faculty of Medicine, Antwerp University
  • Jelle Nicolaï, Graphic Artist, Graduate Artesis - Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
  • Mariella Devos,  Coordinator Theatre Costume - Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
  • Maija Tuohino, Master Student Theatre Costume - Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

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Pictures by Ann Van de Velde

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