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August 12, 2015

Minutes of the General Assembly Meeting 2015‏

Dear BIOMAB members,

Thanks to you all we had another wonderful and highly productive Dissection Drawing Days (DDD) workshop in May 2015.

Obligatory by our statutes and as mentioned in the most recent Newsletter and by our president Pascale Pollier during her Introduction at this 8th Edition of the DDD2015, there will be a new BIOMAB Board in 2016.

We’ve received one new application by Caitlin Monney (UK/Switserland) who will be International Affairs board member.

After five highly productive years Pascale Pollier and Chantal Pollier have decided to be not re elected again. BIOMAB, the Belgian Platform for Art & Biomedical Science, will work closely together with their new international non-profit organization Art Researches Science International Collaborations ARSIC (a professional spin-off of ARS).

Geert Van Eeckhout, as active member of the Scientific Committee since 2010, will be the new BIOMAB Secretary. Francis Van Glabbeek will follow Pascale Pollier as BIOMAB President. Ann Van de Velde stays BIOMAB Treasurer (BIOMAB bank account in December 2014 was 5.000 euro; current BIOMAB bank account after transfers incomes FABRICA VITAE and VESALIUS CONTINUUM to the international collaboration ARSIC in July 2015 is 2.400 euro).

The Scientific Advisory Committee will be: Peter Abrahams (UK), Jo Cameron (UK), Geert Clarisse (B), Eleanor Crook (UK), Marc De Roeck (B), Marjan Doom (B), Caroline Erolin (UK), Yvan Freund (F), Vasia Hatzi (GR), Arthur Miller (UK), Pascale Pollier (B) and Chantal Pollier (B).

There were 50 of 64 BIOMAB members at the General Assemblee Meeting 23 May 2015 at 20h30.  All new board candidates were elected by simple majority as described in our 2011 statutes.

The 9th Dissection Drawing Days will be organized the second half of April 2016. We hope to welcome you all!
The 2010-2015 BIOMAB Board

Pascale Pollier, Francis Van Glabbeek, Chantal Pollier and Ann Van de Velde


The 2016-2019 BIOMAB Board

Francis Van Glabbeek, Geert Van Eeckhout, Ann Van de Velde and Caitlin Monney

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