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April 29, 2021

2nd Digital Dissection Drawing Day - Fri 30 Apr 2021

BIOMAB is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting as part of the MAA conference and this is open to MAA members and student members and BIOMAB/AEIMS members.

This will be our 2nd Digital Dissection Drawing Day on 30/04/2021.

Official start DDDD: 13:30 UCT +01 - finish: 16:30 UCT +01. 
(13:30 Brussels Time / 12:30 UK Time)


On the day anatomist Francis Van Glabbeek (University of Antwerp) together with Tom Quisenaerts (CHIMES - Surgery for Medical Students) will be dissecting a fresh frozen arm. The dissection process will be explained and afterwards the specimen will be displayed from different angles to draw from. 


The BIOMAB Board
Francis Van Glabbeek
Pascale Pollier 
Ann Van de Velde 
Geert Van Eeckhout

Johan Devrome
Tom Dietvorst
Kitty Vancouillie

Anatomy Drawing students 
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp


Philip Ball ( MAA Chairman)
Debbie Maizels ( MAA Members Secretary)


Streaming link to the dissection is private and may not be shared to any third parties without permission. 

Zoom meeting starts at 13:15 UCT+01
13:15 Brussels time / 12:15 UK Time

Dissection starts at 13:30.

We really look forward to seeing you all on Friday

The BIOMAB Board
Francis Van Glabbeek
Pascale Pollier 
Ann Van de Velde 
Geert Van Eeckhout

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