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September 4, 2010

OBESITAS Work in progress

16 - 18 september 2010
Opening 16 september 20u00

Universiteit Antwerpen, Campus Drie Eiken, Aulagebouw (gebouw Q), Vergaderzaal 2


Caroline Hübner, Anneke Blennerhassett, Laurie van Elsacker, Özkan Öszarlak, Pascale Pollier, Brechtje Van Bel, Eric Vandamme, Lou Gils, Ann Van de Velde, David Malan, Jan Gielis


Caroline Hübner

weightless thoughts

Techniek: dubbele spierraam op onbewerkte canvas
Afmeting: 70 x 70 cm


Anneke Blennerhassett

Trapped memories

Measurements: 40 cm height, 29 cm breadth, 12 cm thickness, 80 cm when open (fanned out)
Medium: Screen print, pine wood, leather binding, thread
Images: 6 Anatomical screen prints of the human body
Description: This book is comprised of 6 wooden frames containing screen prints of the human anatomy and two wooden covers. It is bound by leather which is attached by copper studs. Each print is stitched creating a pocket at the back in which a miniature book/scroll is placed. Each book contains memories which have caused great stress in the past. The books cause the stitches to tighten and as a result cause tension. When these memories are removed from their pockets the tension is released and the 'muscles' relax. In relation to obestity one always refers to the outer layers of the body itself. I want to approach it from a different perspective and view the person from within...feel how they feel and show the burdon that they carry.


Laurie van Elsacker


Techniek: houten vezelplaat, kleurpotlood, witte acrylverf en toverviltstift
Afmetingen: 55 x 64 cm



sex: male
length: 176 cm
weight: 92 kg
BMI: 30 --> obesitas
buikomtrek: 120 cm
vrij vetmassa: +/- 35 kg

Techniek: fotografie en 3D Volume Rendering Tecnique (VRT) van 64-slice Multidetector CT data, beide afgedrukt op canvas
Afmetingen: 50 x 50 cm (x 2)


Pascale Pollier

The Day of the Lipids


Brechtje Van Bel

In deze reeks van tekeningen werkte Brechtje van Bel rond het thema Obesitas.

Ze stelt dat dieren in het wild die aan zwaar overgewicht lijden niet zouden overleven.

Je kan deze werken als fictieve illustraties voor een encyclopedie beschouwen.

Aanvullend bij deze illustraties hoort het schilderij "landschap" dat een desolate omgeving weergeeft waar deze dieren zouden leven.

Door het weglaten van de dieren zelf wordt de leegte geaccentueerd.

Techniek: grafietpotlood op papier (dierportretten), acrylverf op doek (landschap)
Afmetingen: 150 x 150 cm en 8 x A4


Eric Vandamme

Fat cell - Lipocyte

Techniek: tekening, houtskool op papier
Afmetingen: 122 x 86 cm

Lou Gils

Techniek: mixed
Afmetingen: 50 x 73 cm


Ann Van de Velde

Anatomische Wandtafeln

Techniek: oude anatomische wandplaat, plexiglas

Een anatomische wandplaat, een operatietafel, een snijtafel.

Maag, darmen, hart, aders, spieren...

Huidstriae. Vroeger.

“Een microtoom is een stuk gereedschap dat speciaal ontworpen is om zeer dunne plakjes weefsel (coupes) te snijden.”


David Malan

The Scream

Bad choices, habbits one can't shake will break on's heart in time.
This world should fulfill one, but how cruel the world can be.

I know a person who is now bitter, mean, selfish, a bully and obese.
She was once giving, just wanting love. But being abused by her father and kept silent with sweets, she grew fat. Even as a child she was huge.
As a result of her growing body, she was shunned and mocked and laughed at by piers at school and on the street. Too often, she would be crying when comming home, from the abusive remarks as she walked in public.
Her obesity spoke loud and dominated her life and dominated the view people have of her.

But at times, out of the public eye, she would shine- she has the most captivating smile- the most infectious laugh. In these far too scarce moments, I saw no fat, no large frame that limited her personality. A sense of freedom, like being free of the obesity.
If only others had seen this in her, if only people were not so shallow- she may have kept her sweet personality. But for her I fear it's too late.

Media is hypocritical on a destructive, selfish level. Magazines and tv portray how a person, especially a woman, should look. But the actors and models themselves are represented in the best light and angles (even photoshoped) to hide any 'faults' so that everyone sees 'beauty'- false as it is. Who says "this is the way we should look" ??

At the same time, our food is being genetically manipulated, our fruit is being picked way too soon, nutritionally underdeveloped and be shipped over the world, advertising is promoting nutritionless, quick bites, easy snacks and unhealthy take-outs. Sign-boards are bigger and brighter and everywhere, luring in a more and more obvious way, people to eat rubbish.

So media sings two tunes at it's convenience. Eat too much and unhealthy but at the same time look like a rake.
The torment of the person/personality screeming to be seen/heard louder than the huge frame containing it.

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