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September 13, 2014

VESALIUS CONTINUUM Conference D3 Zakynthos, Greece

06 September 2014

Morning Session: The Art of Human Anatomy - Renaissance to 21st Century
Chairs: Brian Hurwitz and Ruth Richardson

Robrecht Van Hee and Brian Hurwitz

Robrecht Van Hee

Robrecht Van Hee

Francis Wells

Roberta Ballestriero

Ruth Richardson

Paolo Mazzarello

Marco Catani

Marco Catani

Marco Catani, Paolo Mazzarello and Ruth Richardson

Afternoon Session: 21st Century Anatomy Teaching and Learning
Chairs: Peter Abrahams and Francis Van Glabbeek

Peter Abrahams, Shane Tubbs and Francis Van Glabbeek

Bernard Moxham, Susan Standring, Marios Loukas, Shane Tubbs, Francis Van Glabbeek and Peter Abrahams

Peter Abrahams

Bernard Moxham

Susan Standring

Susan Standring

Shane Tubbs

Shane Tubbs

Brion Benninger

Bernard Moxham, Susan Standring, Shane Tubbs, Peter Abrahams, Francis Van Glabbeek and Marios Loukas

Rober Trelease

Robert Trelease

Richard Tunstall

Richard Tunstall

Robert Trelease, Richard Tunstall, Peter Abrahams, Francis Van Glabbeek and Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis and Peter Abrahams

Tom Lewis

Evening Session 1: FIBRICA VITAE PILOT 
by Andere Wereld Films (Sofie Hanegreefs & Jelle Janssens) and Pascale Pollier

Evening Session 2: Greek Dances in Zakynthos Town

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