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September 13, 2014

VESALIUS CONTINUUM Conference D1 Zakynthos, Greece

04 September 2014

Welcome speeches at the Sarakinado Theatre, Unveiling of the Vesalius Monument on Solomos Square and welcome dinner at the Galaxy Hotel.

English translation: 
"Honoring the memory of the leading Belgian anatomist, scientist and artist Andreas Vesalius, who lived and died in Zante about 500 years ago, today on the island an international medical conference with participants from all over the world is organized jointly by the Belgian Embassy and the Municipal Authority. 
The conference and parallel events are attended by the Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni who unsurprisingly focused on tourism and the many meetings with stakeholders and authorities of Zakynthos. During the conference start on Thursday morning, the minister talked about the enormous contribution of the father of anatomy to science and art, but also on the occasion of the conference to the development of tourism in the country organizing such events and conferences. Zakynthos mayor Paul Kolokotsas welcomed all delegates and emphasized the contribution of Zakynthos leading forms of art, intellect and science, not only by those who were born on the island, but those who lived and created in Zakynthos and make it their second home. 
Later a bronze statue dedicated to the father of modern anatomy was unveiled at Solomos Square, in the presence of the Minister, representatives of the church, local authorities and many visitors, mainly Belgians. 
The previous evening a reception in honor of the minister was given in a large hotel on the island, with eminent guests of the island. There was a purely secular growth potential political discourse, but the mayor of the island Mr. Kolokotsas Paul took the opportunity to host some crucial issues concerning the tourism industry of the island and the effect on it because of the deep economic crisis."

Opening of the FABRICA VITAE Exhibition

Photo's by Vesalius Continuum Delegates
Eleni Andrianaki, Mark Roughley, Lisa Temple-Cox, Eleanor Crook, Robert Jordan, Jan Driessen, Ann Van de Velde,...

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